Counting on Hearts

This is a six part series partly inspired by Brooke Shaden‘s ‘White Wall Wednesday’ and by songs from Icon For Hire. I’m not musical by any means but I am often inspired by the music I listen to.

For more detail please check out the post for these images in my blog or via the links below.

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The Grey


Fix Me

Only A Memory

Carried Away



Hugging The Moon – Series

I created this series as part of my Digital Design Course,  I was tasked to created a few images based off a creative brief from

Original Brief – ‘We are undeniably part of the universe but we tend to forget it. Produce  set of illustrations that remind the viewer about the comprehensible vastness of space and ultimate futility of life. But make sure you don’t make them feel miserable.’ – Illustrator, Rob Nicol –

I started by creating various sketches for my different ideas :

In my creative brief that I created based on the original I wanted to explore using these images for a children’s book, so as part of my assignment I needed to create a prototype of how it might look if this is how they might be used. Find my digital version here.

Prototype :

I needed to include various image sizes of my final artworks, so I choose to do this with one image that could also be used on posters to promote the book. The rest of the images are square cropped because this is a popular format used in children’s books and a ratio that I like working with.

Final Artwork :

Hugging the moon by Erin Applebee

Hugging the moon – Extended Crop by Erin Applebee

Hugging the moon by Erin Applebee

Hugging the moon – Square Crop by Erin Applebee

Floating in Nebula's by Erin Applebee

Floating in Nebula’s – Square Crop by Erin Applebee

Two Moons by Erin Applebee

Two Moons – Square Crop by Erin Applebee


See my Blog Post Here:

Sketch Concepts

Hugging The Moon

Floating In Nebula’s

Two Moons


This series is inspired by fairytale, folkstories ,legends, myths and original stories. Created using original photographs and stock images by other artists.


This collection of works inspired by Song Lyrics and poems, this collection is my interpretation of some of my favourite songs or poems. I find inspiration in many places and sometimes ‘Song Titles’ or ‘Lyrics’ Inspire me to create.