2016 recap

Work by Erin Applebee

2016 was a year of many highs and some serious lows but I got through those to have some amazing experiences that I am really grateful for.

I started a 365 grateful project that epically failed but I’m really not surprised I always find th0se hard but I managed to learn a tonne of new skills and created many self-portrait artworks that I’m super proud of.

I graduated from my ‘Certificate IV in Digital Design’ after two years, something I never thought that I would be capable of and started a course in business, my next learning journey to running my own business whatever that may be.

I spent four months with my sister in the gold coast and got to do so many amazing things including seeing rainforests, waterfalls and got to tick Brisbane off my bucket list of places I’d never been.

I purchased my first guitar and plan to learn how to play in 2017.

While I had many lows in 2016 I’m grateful for having the support of my family to get through them and I’m grateful for the amazing experiences and all the new things that I learnt.

Farewell 2016 and onward to whatever 2017 brings.

Happy New Year.


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