Creative Review – Wreck This Journal

I’ve been a fan of Keri Smith‘s books for sometime and I’ve managed to get quite a collection over the last couple of years. I thought it would be fun to do a review for each one I’ve collected and include some of my favourite pages from each.

Wreck This Journal was my first and favourite from Keri Smith, the concept and prompts in this book make a fun and individual journey. Since starting this book a couple of years ago I have noticed there are two ways to take the prompts, you can be more literal and simply wreck this journal or use the prompts as inspiration and use the book in a more artistic way as an art journal.

I have done the latter and use this journal in a more artistic way, taking the prompts as inspiration to create art or collect things.

My favourite medium is sharpies and alcohol markers, I like how they bleed though creating a more artistic way to wreck this journal. I like to take pictures of each page I create so that I have a reference of the page in case it gets wrecked later on. And also so that I can share it online. One of my favourite pages has been shared on pinterest over 300 times.


This page has been shared on pinterest over 300 times and is one of my favourite pages in my wreck this journal

I recently traveled and this was the one thing I took with me, not only because its my favourite but because I love using books like this to relax but also keep my creative juices flowing.

I love this book so much that I purchased the mini version called ‘Wreck this journal everywhere‘ which also has additional prompts.

The possibilities are endless with these journals and that’s what I love about them, and probably why I have managed to get quite a collection of these types of books. Check out my favourites post If your interested in collecting similar books to ‘Wreck this Journal‘, it includes some from Keri Smith and other authors.


I love finding inspiration from other artist journals by simply searching instagram or pinterest you’ll find many people posting and sharing their own interpretations. I love that this journal is about individuality and self-expression, I think that’s what draws me to these types of books.

Have you ever attempted to ‘Wreck this journal’ or something similar? I would love to your pages or know your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below.




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