This image was purely an experiment, I was looking through my catalogue of images and found some from years ago that I thought would make a great background. I love the sun flare and the colours in this image, my only negative is that my character is way down in the bottom of the image and I feel like she gets a bit lost.

Whenever I create a new image I like to take the opportunity to learn from it, whether it’s trying it out a new technique or skill I have learnt or simply taking something away that I could improve upon or be inspired by to create something new.

I love elements of this image including the background and the elegance of my character but I defiantly feel that there is room for improvement. For example I feel like this image came out extra noisy, this could be because of added texture but it could also be the original background image.

I don’t always mind noise or texture in my image because I’m a big fan of film photography and like to emulate that in my work where I can but I feel like this has a little too much. So if I could take something from this I would watch my placement and focal point, but also the exposure and noise in my image.

If your interested in seeing how I created my image please watch the video below, for more videos check out my Youtube Channel.

You can find my textures, stock and other resources here or via the purchase drop down menu above.

Happy Creating,



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