On Stranger Tides


On Stranger Tides

I started this image a while ago but it took me a while to finish it until I discovered a couple of wonderful photoshop plug in’s, the Nik Collection Software which is free to download and Impressions 2 by Topaz Labs. I have been using these for a couple of months now and I feel like they are great programs to add that extra pop to your work.

I was really inspired to use impressions by fine-art flower photographer Kathleen Clemons, I watched her creative live course and she mentioned a few of the programs she likes to use on her images. I had previously used Photoshop’s oil paint filter but lost it when I updated, Impressions is like that but way better. It’s very initiative, it gives me a lot of options including brush stroke style, number of strokes, length, randomness, colour just to name a few.

This style doesn’t work with all my pieces but some I find it really finishes the piece off. Like this piece ‘On Stranger Tides’, I wanted this image to have an antique painterly look and impressions really helped me make that come true.

If your interested in seeing how I created this image please check out the video below, if you would like to seem more check out My Youtube Channel.


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