2016 – A Retrospect


2016 has been a journey of self discovery, I started this year wanting to improve my compositing skills through self-portraiture.The video you see above is timeline of both my journey in self-portraiture and the improvement of my compositing skills through out this year.

As most artists I found it hard to do self-portraits at the start but as time has gone on I have got more inspired to create stories and create new characters. I have felt that as I create new works I am starting to see a painterly style emerge in my work and its something I’m really liking.

I have made it a point that every time I create a new piece to try out a new technique or skill that I’ve learnt, I have used each piece as a learning experience.

Not every piece has turned out as great as I have wanted but I’ve tried to use this as inspiration to take things further. Recently I created an image where my character had wings and in the original image also had fireballs. I re-edited and re-edited this image but there was always something missing or not quite right. I used this experience to create two new images both which turned out better than that piece and I am proud to include in my portfolio.

This journey has been a great learning experience and I feel proud of the personal achievements I have made this year. When this year started out I new this was something I wanted to achieve, I was inspired by artist like Brooke Shaden who you will know is one of my favourite artists if you have been following my blog posts.

This year I have learnt a lot from following her work, whether its on her blog, youtube channel, through reading her book or the two courses I purchased of hers. I attribute her to my improvement because she has inspired me to keep creating.

I made a few goals this year, one to improve my compositing skills, two to create self portraits and three to learn about my craft by learning from other artist. I’m not usually one to set new years resolutions or projects like this mainly because I’m really bad at keeping to them but I feel that I have accomplished all these goals.

I’m already thinking about my goals for next year, what things I would like to accomplish but at the moment there not set in stone.

Thank you for following my journey this year.



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