Dealing with change + social media

I’m currently exploring how I share my work, I’ve been thinking about areas I should focus on and what I’m posting to my blog and social media pages. I’m not liking the current format I had put in place to try and promote my work, I just keep coming back to where I’m feeling that its two forced and not feeling organic enough for me.

So I am making some changes to make my life better and to better share with you the work that I am so passionate about.

I’ve been going through a lot this year and my pursuit into the fine art photography world has helped keep me inspired and to keep going, along with the support from those close to me.

As some of you might know if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram I may have mentioned that I have been living in the gold coast for the last four months with my older sister. I needed a break from my life as I was going through some personal issues and I needed a change of scenery.

A week from now we are both going home and I can’t wait to see everyone, I pretty much guarantee you that I will cry like a big baby, I have missed the rest of my family so much and I can’t wait to see them all.

This trip has been good for me I have learnt a lot about changes I need to make in my life and that I need to start to accept myself and stop seeing my mental illness as a burden. I know when I stop seeing it that way and start to accept myself that I can start to heal and move on with my life.

I am going to be making many changes in both my personal life and online, I have many plans for changing how my brand looks and what I will be sharing and where I will be sharing it. So expect them to see some in the coming weeks.

I would like to focus more on my blog , sharing my inspirations, along with new work and more comprehensive videos on how I create my work. I have plans next year to try and branch out into portrait photography and graphic design specializing in branding, book covers and a bunch of others. These are both areas I have explored before but not on a regular basis, seeing as I have spent the last two years studying Digital Design I would love to explore it more and branch out to be able to use all the skills I have learnt.

As for my personal life that will be a work in progress I know its not going to be overnight but I know that I’ve I take small steps I can finally be in a place when I can feel true happiness. As most people who suffer from any kind of illness this is hard, its not to say that I don’t have happy moments I have many but these tend to get overshadowed by the toxic and negative thoughts that go through my head.

So here’s to the future. ☺




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