Topaz Labs – Texture Effects 2 & Impressions 2

I find it exciting to discover new techniques to aid me in creating my art, in the last few months I’ve tried out both Impressions 2 and Texture Effects 2 from Topaz Labs.

You may have noticed a painterly effect in my latest work and I’ve been using Impressions to help aid me in creating that look, like the example below.


On Stranger Tides

Impressions really helped me create the look I desired with this piece, I wanted to emulate an old style traditional painting and it really helped me. By now your probably thinking this is a sponsored post but I love sharing how I work and new discoveries to help others with their work so you don’t have to worry all the links through out this post are just to help you find the programs I’m talking about.

I have to admit these plug-in’s can be overwhelming at first because they allow you to create truly unique custom looks for your image. Both programs are extremely intuitive, in Impressions you can change a number of things to create your own unique look including style of brushstroke, how many strokes, length, randomness, and so many more.

You may remember if you have the Creative Cloud version Photoshop that they had a similar filter called ‘Oil Paint’well Impressions is similar to that but has many more options. Both Impressions and Texture Effects can be used as a plug-in in Photoshop and Lightroom or as a standalone program. I like using it with Photoshop because it allows me to use layers to enhance or play with the effects further if I feel the need to do so.


I’ve been having fun creating presents in these programs you can download them yourself using the easy steps in the above image. (the steps are the same for both programs)

Texture Effects allows me to play with textures in multiple layers with in the program and then add extra effects to those effects. Each program comes with a range of default presets but you can also create your own or download presets that other people have uploaded from the Topaz community.

Check out the image above to see how to access those.

One of my favourite options is that I can load in my own textures, its pretty simple.

See the image below for guidance.

Step 1. Click on the create a new texture button.

Step 2. Add a new adjustment layer.

Step 3. Select texture from the drop down menu.

Step 4. Select the symbol right of the texture drop down menu. This will open a new box like the one pictured.

(optional) you can create a new category to import your images.

Final Step – Click import to import your own texture images.

Close when you have imported your images.

importing textures.jpg

I am currently testing out the trial version of Texture Effects but I will defiantly purchase the full program once my 30 day trial is up.


Texture Effects 2– $69.99 US

Impressions 2 – $99.99 US

I get that the price for these could be considered a bit much for some people but for my work personally I think that they are a great investment. I use a lot of textures in my work anyway and I love the looks that I can create with Impressions.

You can test these programs out before buying which is great to be able to play and see if you like it. I had a little trouble getting Impressions to work when I first tried it, so make sure you check out Topaz Labs website to see if your computer is compatible.

They also have a YouTube channel so that you can see how the programs work.

I would love to know If you have used either of these programs and what you thought of them? Have you tried out any of Topaz Labs other programs or anything similar to this?

Keep an eye out for new work coming soon, I’m starting to include more speed edit style videos in my posts to give you visuals of how the pieces came together.

Have fun & be creative,



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