Realize a Creative Project – Make A Difference

As part of my latest assignment for my ‘Cert IV in Digital Design’ I have to create a website for an organisation that reclaims ugly fruit and vegetables to sell to consumers. This site needs to include a eCommerce store where consumers can buy boxes of fruit and vegetables, as well as information on the organisation.

I also choose to include a recipe guide where customers can find ideas on how to use the produce that they are buying and make the site responsive so that it can be viewed on mobile devices.

In my research I was surprised to discover some interesting facts about food waste in western countries.”The national waste report 2010” estimates that 35% pf municiple waste is food (equivalent to 2.675 million tonnes of household food waste.) 

In western countries, much of our food waste occurs as a result of poor composting practices, wastefullness and cosmetic selection by our farmers and supermarkets.

It amazed my how much food waste we create simply by not buying the ugly vegetables or not eating the leftovers in the fridge.


Make a difference – home page.

For this assignment we had the option of creating the website using an online website building platform like wordpress, or we could create it from scratch using dreamweaver. I choose to create mine using, you can view it here, because it would be easier to create a responsive site with both blog and eCommerce options.


Make a difference – home page & recipe guide.

I wanted to create something functional yet still visually pleasing by including lots of imagery. The home/landing page includes visuals as well as information on the organisation, how they work, delivery and a contact form. These can also be accessed via the menu, for easy access.

I also included a few other pages including a recipe guide in a blog style so that customers can get ideas on how they could use the produce in the boxes that they order.


Make a difference – F.A.Q , market & cart.

I wanted to include a frequently asked questions page where potential customers can find answers to any questions they have without having to contact the brand owners.

The main function of this website is to both promote the brand and a place where the customers can purchase their fruit and vegetable boxes, so I wanted to include an eCommerce store and cart where they could do so.

This was an interesting experience and in my original plan I wanted to take my own images but finding ugly fruit and vegetables was harder than I had expected. My first place I checked out was Woolworths ‘Odd bunch’ but they aren’t as ugly as you might expect they looked rather normal to me, there were no extra appendages or wonky bits at all.

I ended up find some at a farmers market but again most of the produce was fairly normal looking, so I was only able to get a couple of photographs. In the end I decided to use one of my images as the hero image on the home page and use stock images I found via the wix gallery. I felt that this site would feel more authentic if I was able to take some ugly veg photos, but I am fairly happy with everything else.

I choose to use one of their templates that was similar to the layout that I had envisioned and edit it to fit my purpose. I only had a few issues with editing the colour scheme on the blog and shop pages, as well as a couple of the titles on these pages. But after a bit of fiddling around I was able to fix them.

My site ended up similar to what I had envisioned if not better than. I tried to keep as close as possible to my original idea and fit it in the template. I found no issues that meant that I would have to edit my idea as far as content, the only real issue was the images.

I found wix fairly easy to use and it has many great add-on features, it made it easy for me to add those couple of extra features that would have otherwise been tedious. It is a great website for beginners and businesses looking to create a website without needing a huge budget.

This is my last assignment for my course, I’m not sure what I’m going to do next whether to continue learning more about digital design or focus more on creating my images and promoting my work. I’m going to wait for now I think.



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