Two Moons by Erin Applebee

Two Moons – Square Crop by Erin Applebee

Here we are at the final point of this series. For my first official series this turned out way better than I ever could have expected and I know I’ve probably said that a few times already but it’s very true to how I feel about this series.

I actually started working on this piece first because I had already gathered all the bits I needed. As for the sketches that I created I did a half photomanipulation/ half sketching because my drawing skills are pretty basic and I knew that it alone would not be able to represent the true concept of what I wanted. I usually don’t work like this when creating an image I usually just have an idea in my head and just go with that but because this was for an assignment I had to show my process.

I did love seeing it all come together but in my everyday process I still probably wouldn’t work this way its a lot more time and effort to create this way when I could be spending that just creating, however it was interesting seeing the ideas go from a sketch to the final image.

Hugging the moon concept sketch by Erin Applebee

Sketch Concepts by Erin Applebee

You can find all the images I used for this are at the bottom of this post.

Now for the boring part. I used several different photographs for this image, my first port of call was to build my background in which I built from about six different images which you can see below. (See the video for further detail.)

I used a red dirt image to create a new ground mainly because this is how I originally envisioned the images and darkened it using curves. This acted as a base for my cloud/fog layer.

Two Moons by Erin Applebee

The key to making the image seem realistic is to make sure you blur the image background appropriate to the subject, for this image I made sure to blur the image background layers in comparison to their distance away from the subject.

My next step was to bring in my character, I used a combination of the background eraser and a layer mask to achieve this. I painted in the hair using various brushes and the aid of my Wacom tablet.

Two Moons by Erin Applebee

Two Moons by Erin Applebee

The next phase of building this image involved introducing the cloud layer and blending it in, I used layer masks and blending modes to achieve this.

In my final phase I wanted to introduce some texture , colour and blending of the image, to achieve this I blended the image using the ‘oil paint’ filter and a layer mask to soften it.

I added more texture and noise to the image using my own textures and blended using blending modes. I felt at this point that my image was still missing something, I had left this image at this point and created my other two images but I felt that after creating ‘Floating in Nebula’s’ that the images needed more to tie them together so I decided I needed to add some colour to this to make it fit better.

I used various gradient layers and blended using layer masks and blending modes until I was happy with the way it looked.

This series has overall been an enjoyable experience and I’ve felt like I have learnt a lot. I’ve learnt so many new things and I feel like I’m starting to find my style as an artist or at least some direction, maybe. I’m just excited to create new images that I can feel proud of and that I’m constantly amazed by the things I’m able to create.

I’m not sure if anyone reads my post but I love being able share my work and go back and see the progress I’ve made. For me and my journey of self-discovery I feel this is important, I mean what is the point in sharing your work if you’re not doing it for yourself. I’ve learnt in recent times that this is really the only reason to share my work, sure I want people to see it but If I’m sharing it with the expectation of people liking it or for how many likes I can get it slowly becomes about that and not about the experience of creating.


Credits – 

Moon – link.

Space images- NASA, Licence.

Mountain – Bernhard Siegl on Deviantart.

Dessert – Humblebee’s on Deviantart.

Clouds – Valentine-FOV-Stock on Deviantart


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