Floating in Nebula's by Erin Applebee

Floating in Nebula’s – Square Crop by Erin Applebee

This is part two in the ‘Hugging The Moon’ series, I had this image stuck in my head along with the first of a girl just floating in space. My original concept didn’t have the moon in it but I added that in so that there was a cohesive link between all three images.


Sketch Concepts by Erin Applebee

This image took a lot of alteration before I was truly happy with it, I had many issues, from putting her together to painting in her hair but it all came together in the end.


This image took a lot of work, I again took my own photographs as a base for the whole image.I needed a few different images to make the character seem like she was floating in space. So I took two possibilities for the main pose and two different leg shots.

The piecing together of this image took a lot of adjusting, because while playing with it I realized that certain things weren’t working, like the hair should be floating and therefore not on the dress and the dress needed to float as well. Luckily I had some extra images on hand that I had taken previously in the same outfit that I could use.

I placed these into the image and adjusted the colour to match the rest of the dress.


I found the hair quite an obstacle I had several goes and tried many different things until I was happy with it. I tried using images of flipping my hair, and I tried painting it in many times until I found something that looked okay.

I found a tutorial on YouTube that helped a lot, it included some free brushes that I was able to use along with the artists techniques to create the desired effect I was going for.

I added in the moon which wasn’t in my original concept sketch but I thought that it would keep the images looking cohesive.

I blended it all together using Photoshop’s oil paint filter, It’s fairly new but it creates a very painterly or illustrative look to the image and is very intuitive as it includes various sliders to adjust the levels of the effect.

I used various adjustment layers including curves, gradient maps, etc to add contrast and adjust the colours in the image. I finally finished the image off by adding texture using some of my own texture images.

I’ve had fun and learnt lots of new techniques through the creation of this image in the series. It has been hard work and perseverance creating this piece but I’m very happy with the outcome, it’s now my favourite piece in this series.

Credits –

Moon -

Space images-

Girl – Self- Portrait taken by Erin Applebee


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