New work – In The Arms Of The Ocean

In The Arms Of The Ocean by Erin Applebee

In The Arms Of The Ocean by Erin Applebee

This image was inspired by one of my favourite songs Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine, it was also partly inspired by my struggle with depression. I wanted to take that feeling and what I felt when listening to that song and turn it into something beautiful and positive.

What I finished up with wasn’t quite what I had in mind but I’m still happy with it, this piece still has some beautiful aspects. I feel like I still got the feeling across that I was feeling at the time, one of despair and desperation . The feeling that you want to just give in to it because it’s so hard to move on and get over those feelings and feel happy.

“Though the pressure’s hard to take
It’s the only way I can escape
It seems a heavy choice to make
And now I am under all

– Florence + The Machine.

I wanted my image to have an illustrative quality and I wanted to have an overall cool tone palette to give it that a sad but calming feel.

This image was quite a learning curve, the original background image was taken in the bright Australian sunlight so I had to do some serious work on it to make it look like the lighting was softer and could be lite by the moon.

The subject in this image was a composite of a few images to create the dress and I also added in a different hand. I painted the hair in using some brushes I had in my brushes menu, it is still something that I’m working on and I know it will take me time to get the technique right.


Overall for the skills I had at the time I am extremely happy with its final look.

You can buy print’s of this work on my Redbubble or Society6 pages in various forms, see my Art Prints page for all the places you can find my work.




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