New work – running from the wolf.

Running from the wolf by Erin Applebee

Running from the wolf

I posted this picture a few months ago on my social media, the inspiration behind the image was one of my favourite fairy tales ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. In this image I wanted to draw inspiration from the original version of the fairytale, capturing the darkness through colour and contrast. However I wanted to keep it recognizable using a classic pose of Little Red running from the wolf.

I captured this image when shooting Which Witch , I took some separate shots of the background so that I could build it in Photoshop and then place my character on top. The caped figure was captured through trial and error, it was my first time shooting for compositing with a model so it took me some time to try to get an image that worked. But I succeeded and got something I could work with.

The main subject in the image is a composite of two images in which I blended together using layer masks. I composited these onto the background which was a panorama of sorts being that it’s a few images from the same location blended together in light room.

I added shadows around the bottom of the cape to give it some realism, so that the subject looked like it was actually standing there. I added depth and contrast to the image using a series of Adjustment layers, adding colour using colour look out specifically and blending them using blending modes.

Finally I added some texture to the image using some of Brooke Shaden‘s Textures because this was created before I started taking my own. I used blending modes to blend these into the image and changing the opacity to make it more subtle.

I’ve included a gif so that you can see my process.



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