Hugging The Moon Concept Sketches

After a few bumps in the road I have been speeding through both the last couple of study periods for my Cert IV in Digital Design, I am now in the last study period and I am having fun coming up with concepts for the ‘Interpret & Respond to a Design Brief’ module.

In this module I have to select an existing design brief and develop my ideas through to the final solution. I had to choose from one of fifty design briefs on and elaborate on the one I choose.

Original Brief – ‘We are undeniably part of the universe but we tend to forget it. Produce  set of illustrations that remind the viewer about the comprehensible vastness of space and ultimate futility of life. But make sure you don’t make them feel miserable.’ – Illustrator, Rob Nicol –

My Design Brief (elaborated from original) –


Creative Design Brief – © Erin Applebee

After I put together my design brief I started researching styles and techniques from other artist as well as similar concepts to what I had already visualized in my head. You can see my mood boards on pinterest.


Concept Sketch 1 ver. 1 & 2. © Erin Applebee

My first idea stemmed around a girl dreaming about hugging the moon, I wanted it to be softly light with the moon as the main light source, her hair is floating like she is in space, with the universe as the background. Above are two variations of the same concept.


Concept Sketch 2 ver. 1 & 2. © Erin Applebee

Concept two follows her journey through space with her floating throughout the stars. Her hair and dress are floating around her and there are some nebular’s or gas clouds in the background.


Concept Sketch 3 ver. 1 & 2. © Erin Applebee

In concept three she has landed on an alien planet, with a strange landscape. With this one I had two different ideas either a barren desert landscape or a misty soft landscape, I would like to marry these ideas some how, I like the multiple moons, mountains and pose from the first sketch and the soft cloud like foreground from the second.

I would love some feedback on this, is there anything I could change to make these ideas better. Keep in mind these are only my basic sketches, these are just a way of my putting my ideas down to work on and improve them before creating the final artwork.



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