New work – Which witch

Earlier this month I did a creative photo shoot with a friend it was my first using some new techniques I have been learning over the last couple of months. We drove out to Mount Crawford forest to shoot on location, we shoot two different styles and I shot a few background alternatives.

It was a very hot day and the sun was straight overhead, I very rarely get to shoot at golden hour for photo shoots, which is unfortunate but sometimes you just have to work with what you have access to.


Original Image for Which Witch by Erin Applebee

This was the image I choose from our shoot to use for this piece, I liked the pose but I found the background very distracting, due to light coming through the trees and creating lots of shadows I just felt it was too busy.


Alternative Forest background by Erin Applebee

I stitched this together using a few alternative background shots to create the proper proportions for the square crop. I really like the square crop lately I feel it looks more aesthetically pleasing that the standard rectangular crop I usually go for. For me this choice depends on the shot, some images can be others look better in a rectangular crop and some in square.

I made some changes to the background, darkened it using curves + black & white adjustment layers, then adding some fog to add an atmospheric look to the image.

I inserted the image of the model and cut her out of the image using a layer mask, this was the most effective method because of the busy background that I was cutting her out of.


Adding Colour + adjustment layers

I continued to add more fog in front of the model to help blend the image altogether, then started adding some depth and colour to the image using adjustment layers and blending modes.

I have been playing around more with some of the other adjustment layers other than the standard ones that I usually work with like curves and Hue/saturation. I found the Color lookup panel in the adjustment layers and I find it’s a very effective way to add coloured layer affects to my image. I used a few here to create the overall blue hue this image has.

I love adding some texture layers to my images I feel like for me personally it looks more finished with a texture and It gives it that more painterly look that I like.

I have been working really hard lately creating images and I have a few more posts to come, I’ve been trying out different styles, different ideas and each piece is very different.

I feel like I’m learning a lot with my little experiments especially with my self portraits and my latest one is so incredible that I can’t believe that I create it so I can’t wait to share it with you. but If you want to see what I’ve been working on go check out my Facebook profile or Instagram.

Check out the .Gif below to see the full progress of my image.



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