Regal Red -self portrait composite

I recently purchased one of fine art photographer Brooke Shaden’s courses from, I have been following her work for a while and I was very excited to find her classes on the site. I purchased her ‘Fine Art Compositing’ course where she goes through different tips and techniques she uses to create her work. I love that she talks about how she takes the photos and then shows how she edits it all together.

For my fine art self portrait I took some of the things I have learnt from her course and tried my hand at applying them to my own work. For this piece I took one self portrait and several images where I used a slower shutter speed to get the motion of the skirt. After I had the images I needed I imported them into Photoshop.


Regal Red work process by Erin Applebee.

The above image shows the photographs I used to create the basis of the image, on the left is the main image and some of the skirt images I used to create the skirt of the dress. On the right is the images blended together to make up the skirt.

I blended the skirt using layer masks and a soft brush.


Regal Red work process by Erin Applebee

This image started out as just a way of practicing the techniques I learnt from the course so I didn’t wear any make-up when taking the main image. But after I was happy with the result of blending the images together I decided to keep going. I added colour to the background and extended my hair with a brush. I also added make-up using brushes and curves.


Regal Red work process by Erin Applebee

I used some Photoshop actions to add colour and contrast to my image, then for the final part I used the spot heal brush tool to blend the figure and the background together; adding more hair and the crown, to give it that full regal look.

I used all my own images except for the crown which I got from

This was a fun project and watching Brooke’s course has definitely opened my mind to a world of never-ending possibilities and I’m very excited to see where it takes me.

Have you done one of Brooke’s courses or any courses from your favourite artists? how has it impacted on your own work?  I would love to know.

Erin xoxo.

note: I have not been paid or sponsored for this post these are all my own opinions.


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