Top 5 Favourite Inspiration Apps

Lately I’ve been using some great apps to collect my ideas and inspiration I thought that i would share with you my top 5 favourite Inspiration apps.

1. Pinterest


Trendy Kitten Graphics on Pinterest

Of course this has to be my number one, its a great resource for collating ideas and inspiration as well as sharing your own work. If you haven’t used Pinterest before it is definitely recommend checking it out. Pinterest gives you the ability to create boards (like a mood board) and pin images to you boards, you can search any topic through the search bar or search topics through catagories.

Its free to join and you can create both public and private boards which won’t be seen by anyone but you; you also have the ability to share your boards with other members.

You can access it through the app which you can find via the app store for your device or via your Internet browser

2. Bamboo Paper by Wacom


Bamboo Paper by Wacom

As a digital artist and Graphic designer I am a huge fan of Wacom drawing tablets so when I recently found one of their apps on Google play I had to try it out. The app is free but you can purchase add on tools and notebook styles. The base app gives you one notebook style but you can choose from a few different types of papers and have two different pens to choose from.

The idea is that you can draw or jot down notes, I find using a special stylist pen for devices works best for this type of app. While wacom offer stylists to use specifically with their apps you can get them online or electronic stores that sell device accessories.

I use this app to collect my ideas and put them together in notebooks, it allows me to import images, write down my ideas associated with them and export the pages to share with others or with another app.

3. Evernote



This has fast become one of my favourite apps to put down my ideas, again you can create notebooks but instead you can add posts like a blog, in these posts you can add text and images, which you can add notations to via a side app called skitch, still working with this one but i would be a great resource for adding notations and other references to your images.

I love this app it has a blog like approach to collating ideas, but they are all private ,Evernote also allows you to share and chat about ideas with others. The base app is free but you can purchase two levels of upgrades which includes more storage space.

4. Google Photos


Google Photos

I backup all my photos and saved images to the cloud with either Google Photos or Dropbox. This is good for a few reasons, one being that you can now access them from any device by just logging in to your Google account, and another being that if anything happens to your device you wont loose your files. Google also offer Google drive which is similar to dropbox, though i find that dropbox offers better storage for either your personal or professional needs (it allows you to upload all file types to the cloud for access anywhere.)

Google Photos has some great features allowing you to backup photos from your device and collect them in folders (collections) or view them by the date they were uploaded.

If you want to keep these private make sure that you check your Google + settings and unselect them from being shown via your profile.

5. Auto-Desk Sketch book.

I’ve only played with this one a small amount but it is relatively easy to use from what I can tell, but it will take some playing around to get some experience to make better illustrations. This would be great to illustrate your ideas if you couldn’t find inspiration images, once you get some practice with it.

It gives you eight different brushes and two erasers to play with, for each you have the ability to play with the size and density of the brush. You can import images and use layers via the right side panel. However for the free application you can only have up to three layers, but you can
Copy, paste and merge layers by clicking on the layer in the layers panel.

By upgrading to the full app you have the addition of a big brush library, custom canvas, synthetic paint, smudge brush, copics library, additional layers, selection tool, guides, fill, transform and time-laps abilities.

I know that I have put this as a favourite but I’m still experimenting with it, so far my abilities with this program aren’t very good, i love the idea of this program which is why I included it.

I hope you find this interesting or helpful, these are all my personal views and I have not been paid to write this post. Another source of inspiration I love is watching videos either on YouTube or Creative live which I recently discovered. I love learning new techniques and ways of adding to my art and watching tutorial or classes is a great way to learn new things.

I recently purchased a couple of classes from including one by Brooke Shaden which i’m loving, but YouTube is a great place to find free tutorial or you can try out free classes on they do free broadcasts of new classes where you have the ability to interact with the trainers and class as its broadcast live from the US, they also do rebroadcast of their course and usually offer a free sample video for most courses otherwise you can purchase their full courses which are relatively in expensive compared to others offered out there on the Internet.

Happy exploring,



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