Pool of Tears

My latest artwork is inspired by the pool of tears from Alice in Wonderland.

‘After finishing the cake that says “EAT ME,” Alice grows to nine feet tall and finds that she can barely get an eye down to the doorway. She begins to cry, and her massive tears form a sizable pool at her feet. The White Rabbit reappears and mutters to himself about keeping a Duchess waiting. Alice attempts to speak to him, but he scuttles away, leaving behind his gloves and fan. Alice picks up the fan and begins fanning herself. She muses on the possibility that she may not be Alice but someone else entirely. To determine if she knows all that Alice is supposed to know, she starts to recite her lessons. She finds that she gets the recitations wrong and considers the idea that she may not be Alice, but possibly a girl she knows named Mabel. Since Mabel knows very little, it makes sense to Alice that her confusion over the lessons must indicate that she has somehow become Mabel. If she is Mabel, there is no reason for her to find her way out of the well to rejoin society. Even though she’s confused about her identity, she knows that she must find a way out of the well and back to the world above-ground.

Extract from Chapter 2: The Pool of Tears, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll.
Pool of Tears – Stock Photos used. row 1 – Erin Applebee (model Jo Fox), Row 2 – link, link, link, Row 3 – link, link.

Above are some of the photos used to create this artwork, you can find the links in the caption.

I used a photo from a previous photoshoot with a model friend Jo Fox, we did a cosplay style shoot of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. This image seemed like the perfect pose for this story, in the chapter called the pool of tears Alice cries so much that she creates a pool of tears, she then shrinks down and swims in her own tears. This is my interpretation of the pool of tears, in which Alice is so exhausted that she climbs a giant leaf which is actually a normal sized leaf but she is so tiny it seems big, she clings to it as she seeks safety from the pool the has created. Also featured is the white rabbit, the door mouse, the rabbits pocket watch and tea cups to give the viewer a tie to the story.

I used photoshop actions to give a moody lighting to the image and overall i’m happy with the way it came out an I feel like I have successfully told this part of the story.

I you would like to see how I created my artwork, comment and I’ll post a video walk through of my work processes.

Erin xoxo


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