New Journey

I started this journey a long time ago with my constant battle of wanting to make beautiful art and having a mental illness. I’ve always wanted to be an artist it’s always been my dream, through the years I have struggled to produce the work I always desired. I love learning and that is one thing that constantly inspires me to keep going.

My whole life I have struggled to overcome my anxiety but its the people around me and their love and support that helps me keep a positive attitude and treat everyday as a new opportunity to move forward.

The collections and work you will see on this site on my new photography site are inspired by the dream world that I constantly live in to get away from my mental illness, a world where I live free from it.

I decided to create a new site to showcase my more personal artistic work as I felt that It was just getting mixed in with my graphic design and other photography work on my main site Trendy Kitten Graphics.

I hope that you follow me as I share with you my new journey of self discovery as I create beautiful fine art works.


p.s I will be posting the link to my website soon please follow the link above for updates.


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