In the Fall

I created this using a combination of my own original images and stock photos from Deviant Art, I took the focal image back in 2011 as part of a photo shoot inspired by childhood nostalgia the image I used for this artwork was one that wasn’t included in the final set of images that was uploaded at the time.

I still love this image so I wanted to use it in a digital composition, I didn’t have any concept in mind other than I wanted something inspired by fairy tales and other realms of fantasy. I used two or so images of my own including the one just mentioned and the one below I added as an overlay on the ground.

Stock - ©Trendy Kitten Graphics

Stock – ©Trendy Kitten Graphics

I used the leaves and smoke stock pictured below that I got from deviant art (find the links in the caption) I like using smoke stock to create a more atmospheric feel to the images. I added some leaves and used Photoshop actions from lieveheersbeestje (also from Deviant art) to create a warm autumn look,  I also used a dress image letinhastock that had a princess/ fairytale look.

Leaves: Link Smoke: Link

Leaves: Link Smoke: Link Actions: 1 2

I love the way this came out, Its way better than anything I thought I could create, I wish my writing was better but I hope this gives you a good enough run down of my process.



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