Photo composites

Yesterday someone commented on my final project submission asking me if photomedia is something that I would like to pursue, photography and photo-manipulations have been a big interest of mine for quite awhile, though in the past they haven’t been overly good.

The photomedia assign really inspired me to play around with some of my old photos, these photos were from a few years ago, I took then with the help of the two beautiful models you can see in these image as well as a make-up artist and my friend Jo helping me out with clothes and
Assisting me on the day.

I have been watching quite a few videos of artist editing their images and learning about ways to use smoke in photography, the both inspired the looks of these images.

I’ve included some before and after images so that you can see how much they have changed.

Girl in the mist II - Trendy Kitten Graphics

This image is possibly the most complex one i created, as you can see from the original image the grass was dry and not very attractive so i dragged in a more attractive ground cover, and blended it in using a mask and the brush tool.

I also changed the background in this image with one I took in Mt Tambourine in Queensland, to give the image a more exotic look. Again i used a mask tool it bring out the details from the original image.

I used various photoshop actions that I have collected to change up the colour and add different effects to this image. I used some stock photos of smoke to add some atmosphere to allmthes images

Girl in the mist  - Trendy Kitten Graphics

Girls in the mist - Trendy Kitten Graphics

I am really happy with the way these turned out and I hope to organize further photoshoot in a fantasy style to presue my dream of becoming a fine art fantasy photographer.

I would appreciate any constructive feed back you wish to offer me.
These were not as part of my course but inspired by the assignment i’ve been posting about.



3 thoughts on “Photo composites

  1. These are stunning Erin. I loved this assignment, so much fun and really let us be very creative. Check out Phlearn on You Tube and their website, they do stunning work and have great lessons available.


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