Photo-media Experiment

So as part of my assignment we had to experiment creating a photo-media image using 5 or more of our own photographs. I used several of my images, five was just not enough for me to create something I would be really proud of. I’ve seen some of the other experiments that people in my course have been creating and there really kool, with my experiment I started out with five and just kept adding because I just wasn’t happy with it, guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Photo-media experiment - Photographed Used

Photo-media experiment – Photographed Used

I took inspiration from the photo-media research I did on Melina Hollway and Kristy Mitchell and wanted to continue with the fairytale style concept I was using for my other project. I used Photoshop to merge all my photos together, firstly I merged photos 1, 4 & 5 to create the background, later adding the rocks from 2 & 3 in the foreground and adding a black and white filter over the top to mute the background.

I used the woman from image 8 which I took at a fashion show a few of years ago, I wasn’t happy with the way her dress looked against the background so I took the tulle skirt from image 7 and added it over the skirt of the dress and played with the colour, adding layers and playing with the opacity until I was happy.

I wasn’t happy with the way the hair looked against the background so I took the hair from image 6 and layered it over the top, duplicating and blending it altogether by erasing and adding textured brushes. I played with her face adding highlighting, contouring, eyelashes, colouring in her brows and adding lipstick to give dimension to her face.

lastly I added the tiara from the last image (one that I had taken for my photo-media project) and the necklace from image 6, which I cut and altered fit the theme of the image.

Photo-media experiment - final image

Photo-media experiment – final image

I was really pedantic with this image I wanted to make sure the lighting and textures were right. Overall I’m really happy with the final outcome of this experiment and I’m totally inspired to keep going and create a series of images like this. I would really appreciate any constructive feedback.




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