Principles of Design – Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Rhythm & Unity.

This post is about the principles of design, I’m going to share with you five of the principles through photographs I’ve taken and how these elements are emphasized in these image.

Principles of Design - Balance

Principles of Design – Balance

The center alignment of this photo creates a sense of balance through symmetry; I purposely did this so that the viewer could get a full sense of the beauty of the Cathedral in all its magnificence.

The image is balanced out by the perspective of the image creating equal space throughout the image.

Principles of Design - Contrast

Principles of Design – Contrast

This image has contrast which is created through the levels you see in this image, its emphasized through the angle in which the image is taken. The light and dark colours are contrasting with the bright colour of the blue and all this is contrasted with the blown out sky.

Principles of Design - Emphasis

Principles of Design – Emphasis

I choose this image because I thought it represented emphasis, its clear to see that because of the depth of field in this image that it emphasizes the flowers in the foreground.

I used a macro lens on my camera to create this image helping to emphasis the depth of field and give a sharp focus to the flowers in the foreground.

Principles of Design - Rhythm

Principles of Design – Rhythm

The similar elements in this image give a sense of rhythm through the repetition of the flowers on this plant. The repetition of these element helps creates a sense of unity throughout this image. The use of similar colours throughout this image also gives the image rhythm and unity.

Principles of Design - Unity

Principles of Design – Unity

This image has unity though the repetition of similar elements such as the tree branches and the texture of the tree bark. The proximity of the elements to each other also creates a sense unity within the image.

The different parts of the tree, the trunk and the branches give the image continuity through the visual paths they create.

Thanks to those who have been following my blog I would love some feed back on some of my posts especially on my photo media project. If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen a sneak peek already by if not keep an eye out on here for my post soon that gives more details on how I put it together.



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