Photo Editing – Elements of Design – Lines

Elements of Design - Lines

Elements of Design – Lines

I took this image of a building in Adelaide that featured an art instillation on the side made of little match box cars. The original image had a blown out sky that I was unable to emphasis through editting, so I decided to remove it all together and replace it with a different image.

I took another image that I had previously taken of blue skies and clouds, I cut the original sky out of the image and layered in this one. I added a curves layer to this image to brighten it and add contrast.

I added another curves layer to the building to add contrast and then added a second layer to the building to darken the image I used a gradient mask to make it appear as a shadow in the lower part of the image.

By using these techniques I was able to emphasis the Lines in this image by adding contrast to the image.


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