Research & Inspiration – Melina Hollway

I wanted to share with you one of my other inspirations for my current photo-media project, Melina Hollway.

Melina is a fashion designer and professional photographer from Queensland, Australia who launched her label Damsel in this Dress in 2009 after her labor of love for making handmade works of Art. She wanted to continue this love through her passion for photography, she felt that fashion and photography go hand in hand and so it was natural that she take it up. Her real passion came when a change in circumstances allowed her to explore photography in a more creative way. It was a way for her to escape into another world and create her own characters through fashion and sets. She changed her photography from being primarily focused on her label to a way to create beautiful artworks by now using her creative abilities to create gowns, crowns and props for her photo shoots.

Melina has been creating a special set of works called ‘Forgotten Fairytales’, she wanted to create some images that were fairytale like but without being specific to a particular story, leaving the viewer to imagine their own fairytale story for each character.

She made intricate accessories and garments paying close attention to small details so that the viewers would get lost in the images.

Her motivation for the series was to help her sick mother take her mind off her illness, even if for a little while, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and had been a long time sufferer of mental illness. Melina created her series as a way for her mother to get away from a world where she was suffering and to step into one of imaginative stories.

She wanted to give these images to her mother as away of escaping from her situation but unfortunately she sadly passed away a week after being diagnosed so she was unable to. But it was Melina’s mother that gave her the motivation to go on and finish the series even if she would never see it.

Melina aimed to use these images to help others as she didn’t just want them waste way as just another pretty image, so she plans to complete a 12 part series in hopes of selling prints to help raise money for families that have kids with autism and other disabilities.

I love finding inspiration from not only other female artists but Australian artists as well, I have been following Melina’s work over the last year or so and each new image she posts is incredible and inspiring, I just love her work.


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