The White Queen – Concept Sketch

So here is my white queen concept sketch, I was inspired by a vintage gown and tiara that I already own and I knew that I wanted to use this in my final photo-media piece. While I could have better Illustrated it in this sketch I choose winter as my theme, I started brainstorming ideas and I knew the gown would be perfect for this concept as it was white with lots of beading which could have been little snowflakes or ice on the dress. I went through various concepts before I settled on this one, I was inspired by fairy tales and images like those in Kristy Mitchell’s ‘Wonderland’, so I decided that my character for this concept would be The White Queen from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the looking glass.’

I researched element that were significant in both of Carroll’s Alice tales and knew I wanted to include them in my concept. The White Queen has links to both the game of chess and can play with time, so I wanted to include these in my piece. I used pocket watches to represent time and hid the chess pieces on the back of cards, I wanted the piece to be both a story and a game where you have to find those different elements from the stories.

The White Queen - Sketch Concept - Erin Applebee

The White Queen – Sketch Concept – Erin Applebee

I wanted my character to be surrounded by falling elements linking to the story, book pages represent the story its self, cards for the Queen of Heart’s guards, white roses from her garden that were supposed to be red, and other elements hidden among the cards (flamingos, chess pieces, rabbits, tea cups..,) all while she is holding a white rabbit.

I spent a lot of time nutting out my concept before I started thinking about the photos I might need to take though I had already started thinking about what I would possibly need, Luckily I already had most of what I could use to photograph for this concept and family who are willing to help me photography myself in The White Queen look.



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