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My Top 10 Creative Live Classes


You may want to grab a cup of coffee because this could be a long post, just warning you.

A few years ago I discovered a site called, they offer free broadcasts of creative courses, like photography, video, music, craft and business/social media. But you can also purchase the courses which include all the video content and bonus content which could also include extra videos, workbooks or practice files.

I love tuning in to different courses, it’s a great way to get a feel for the course before purchasing or just to learn something new. Over the years since discovering the site back in 2015, I’ve purchased several courses from them, mainly in the photography category and I have loved every one. There are still a few on my wishlist that I would love to purchase but today I’m going to share my list of my ‘Top Ten’ classes and Instructors that I recommend on Creative Live.

This list was hard to collate because there are so many great courses and Instructors on Creative Live that it was extremely hard to choose. I’ll be sharing my favourite Instructors and what courses I recommend from each of them.


#1 Brooke Shaden

If you follow me on social media you will probably know that Brooke is one of my favourite Artists and Instructors on Creative Live. She is unlike any other educator I’ve come across, what I love about her other than her positive outlook on things is that she tries to simplify things so that it’s easy to understand. I think this is great for people who are new to, not just photography but compositing and editing.

She introduced me to a whole new world of creating and started off my journey into self-portraiture. Brooke has a few great classes on Creative Live and they all delve into her world of Fine-art Self/Portraiture.

They are all quite similar, her newest one ‘Fine-art Photography: The Complete Guide’ is great it delves into the topics quite deeply but being a boot camp it’s quite long, though you get lots of content for your money, including the course videos which numbers to over 130 videos over 20 segments and comes with lots of bonus material (ie; workbooks and extra videos.)

This class offers a great range of topics including storytelling and Idea exercises, finding your target audience, planning your photoshoots and set design, as well as compositing and editing workflow, location scouting and shooting. But also a bunch of other topics to think about including framing, sizing, editioning and pricing, licencing, commissions and contracts; Information on galleries, artist statements, social media and printing your work.

While all her classes are pretty similar this one goes far more in-depth on some of the topics you might find featured in her other classes.

However, If you are looking for something a bit smaller, check out one of her other courses, ‘Fine Art Compositing‘, ‘Fine Art Photography‘ or ‘Fine Art Portraits.’

Extra note – Brooke’s ‘Fine-art Photography: The Complete Guide’ will be rebroadcasting on January 5th for those who are interested.


#2 Lindsay Adler

My second favourite by far would have to be Lindsay Adler. Lindsay is Fashion Photographer and a fantastic educator, I want to recommend a class but seriously she has so many courses available on Creative Live that I can’t because they are all great.

If you want to learn any of these different aspects of Photography like editing, retouching, location or studio lighting as well as things like posing, I recommend you check out her list of courses because there may just be something that you are looking to learn about.

Extra note- Lindsay’s class ‘Portrait Photography Bootcamp’ will be rebroadcasting on the January 6 – 7 for those who are interested.


#3 Bella KotakPratik Naik

I’ve followed Bella Kotak for a few years now and I’m constantly in love with her work, she creates beautiful, whimsical pictures that send my imagination flying. I love her use of floral and natural elements in her pictures and the fact that she can see a wonderland in a bush by the side of a busy road.

Her class ‘Fine Art Conceptual Photography from Shoot through Post-Processingwith Pratik Naik, has been on my wishlist for a while. I originally tuned in when they first broadcasted it on Creative Live and It’s been on my wishlist ever since.

This class shows you how to take an idea and create it, it will help you understand how to look for locations, pose your model, see colours in new ways and create beautiful props on a budget. As well as delve into colour theory, colour toning, and compositing images to streamline your retouching workflow. This class really offers an in-depth look through the creative production and retouching process.


#4 Kathleen Clemons

I wanted my top four to all be different but equally as great. So far we have had Fine-art Portrait Photographers, a Fashion Photographer and coming in at number four is Kathleen Clemons, who is a Fineart Flower Photographer.

I love Kathleen’s work and she has pretty unique tools she works with, her classes share some great aspects of Flower Photography and how you can use the tools you already have at your disposal to create beautiful photographs.

While she has some fun lenses she likes to work with, she also shares how you can use your basic lenses or even your camera phone to take beautiful images. Though I bet you her class will make you want to get your own Lensbaby, I know I do just from watching her class.

I recommend both her courses ‘The Art of Flower Photographyas well asCreating Painterly Photographs‘ they are both fantastic courses and will have you wanting to take pictures of flowers in no time.


#5 Pye Jirsa

Pye is the founder and partner of an educational community called SLR Lounge, its geared towards providing photographers with real-world shooting education and has nearly a million monthly readers.

I actually discovered Pye on Youtube on the SLR Lounge Youtube channel, they do have a bunch of free content on there if you want to check it out but their premium classes are also available on Creative Live as well as the SLR Lounge site.

They have some great courses and resources available including ‘Photography 101′, which is great for beginners to photography and talks about the basics of using natural light, while ‘Lighting 101‘ & ‘Lighting 201‘ delves into the world of flash photography.

SLR Lounge also has some other great resources including articles, videos, stock bundles and presets for Lightroom and Photoshop. I definitely recommend checking them out because they have a huge range of workshops and other content for beginners and more advanced photographer.


#6 Aaron Nace

Aaron was another Youtube discovery, he runs a site called an educational platform that shares tutorials on Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop. Aaron has created hundreds of in-depth tutorial videos that have reached a very large community consisting of millions of students worldwide. His high energy personality makes it fun to learn.

Aaron offers a lot of content and has a huge range of tutorials available via his website but he also has classes on offer via Creative Live which range in topics like ‘Photoshop For Beginners‘, ‘Compositing 101‘ as well as topics like Retouching and commercial photography.

If you are new to photoshop I would recommend one of his classes via Creative Live or


#7 Renee Robyn

I’ve been following Renee for years and I remember being so excited when she did her classes on Creative Live. As you will notice by the end of this post I love seeing people create composites because they all have their own unique ways in which they create.

For example, Brooke likes using natural light or shooting on location while Renee mainly shoots her backgrounds separately and shoots her subject/model in the studio and then edits them in.

I love learning from a lot of different people because I can learn different things from each of them and adapt them to my own work.

Renee has a couple of awesome classes on Creative Live that demonstrate the way she works,’Creating Your Reality with Composite Photography‘ and ‘Essential Compositing Techniques‘ both are great if you want to learn more about compositing.


#8 Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce is a Master Photographer as well as an Artist and Illustrator. Her style is more inspired by contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture which gives her clients the experience of looking like the models in magazines and gives them that feeling that they are just as beautiful, which they are of course.

Sue has a range of classes available on Creative live including Fashion Portraiture, Glamour Photography, baby photography, Lighting, working with hair and makeup, as well as stuff like how to market your work and knowing what you’re worth.

I think she really has a class for everyone, not just specialized in one area, she talks to artists and creatives about how to market themselves and empowerment (knowing what you’re worth.)

I’m not going to recommend a specific class because I think she has a bunch of great classes that you should look at, you might not be interested in her photography classes but she offers other great classes that are fantastic for all creatives.


#9 Lara Jade

I’ve been following Lara Jade since she first started posting her work many years ago, I’ve seen her grow from a young photographer experimenting with self-portraiture to a sought after Fashion Photographer.

Her classes are centred around her work with fashion and experimental photography but they are worth checking out if your interested in this type of photography.

I recommend either her ‘Fashion Photography 101‘ or ‘Experimental Portraits‘ which also features Sue Bryce.


#10 TJ Drysdale

I’ve been following TJ’s work for a while, I love his whimsical style and I have to admit totally envious that he gets to travel the world taking stunning pictures in places like Iceland. So when I saw his class advertised I knew I had to check it out because I wanted to see how he works.

His classes offer some insight into how he edits his pictures in photoshop, using actions and colour. He currently only has a couple of classes on Creative Live but they are both good If you want to learn more about colouring, editing and using actions in Photoshop and they are both relatively inexpensive. You can find ‘Fine Art Photoshop Editing‘ and ‘Creating the Best Photoshop Actions‘ both on Creative Live.

Well, I’d like you to know that I’ve been writing this for hours, It was hard work but well worth it. All links included are for your benefit so you can easily find the things mentioned, the links of each Instructor take you to their page on the Creativelive website where you can find all the classes they offer.

One last thing before I go, while this post isn’t sponsored in any way I wanted to share my Referal Link for Creativelive, How it works is you get $15 off your first class purchase and I get $15 off my next purchase, win-win for both of us. You are by no means obligated to use this but If you want to save some money on your first purchase feel free to use it.

Creative Live Referal Link.

I hope you all enjoyed this post I know it was long but I hope you are inspired to discover new ways to learn. When checking out this site keep an eye on the ‘On Air’ page for new and re-broadcasts. With new broadcast, they usually play each day a couple of time throughout the day of airing so if you miss out on anything It may come around again. Also when they show live broadcast you can interact with the class and other viewers, so if you have any comments or questions you might just get them answered.

You can also add images to the student work gallery in each of the classes that you watch, so if you learnt something from the class and used it you can share it later on in the gallery, These will also feature in your profile to so make sure that you add some information and a profile picture so other students can find you.

If you have any other questions feel free to comment below or check out the Creative Live help section.


P.S. Cover image by Designed by yanalya / Freepik, logo copyrighted to

New Beginnings


I haven’t created anything new since the start of this year, I’ve been going through a lot this year that caused me to be uninspired or have the energy to create. I’ve had this image in my head for almost a year now but I only put this together a few weeks ago. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to post it.

But here I am a few weeks later and I finally feel confident enough to post it, and the more I look at it the more I love it.

This piece is about starting a new chapter in life and overcoming the obstacles we face. Something of which I’m sure most of us find hard, constantly have old habits and anxieties holding us back.

I have prints available over on my Society 6 page, please go check it out and support artist like myself. They also are currently running sales so you can support artist but not break the bank.

New Beginnings Art Prints available here.



Erin’s Secret Garden

It’s been a slow start to the year I’ve found it hard to find the motivation to create so far and I’ve had to remove my prints from society 6 due to some issues in quality control so that’s quite disappointing. But on a positive note I decided to create a new instagram account dedicated to my love of nature and flower photography called Erin’s secret garden.

I made the decision to try and keep my main account to my portrait and self-portrait work to keep it with one theme instead of it just being all over the place. I often find social media overwhelming but I hope to try my best this year to create a unique feed and just see how I go.

If your interested check out my grateful’s project over on my personal blog  Life of Dahlia.

Have a great day,


2016 recap

Work by Erin Applebee

2016 was a year of many highs and some serious lows but I got through those to have some amazing experiences that I am really grateful for.

I started a 365 grateful project that epically failed but I’m really not surprised I always find th0se hard but I managed to learn a tonne of new skills and created many self-portrait artworks that I’m super proud of.

I graduated from my ‘Certificate IV in Digital Design’ after two years, something I never thought that I would be capable of and started a course in business, my next learning journey to running my own business whatever that may be.

I spent four months with my sister in the gold coast and got to do so many amazing things including seeing rainforests, waterfalls and got to tick Brisbane off my bucket list of places I’d never been.

I purchased my first guitar and plan to learn how to play in 2017.

While I had many lows in 2016 I’m grateful for having the support of my family to get through them and I’m grateful for the amazing experiences and all the new things that I learnt.

Farewell 2016 and onward to whatever 2017 brings.

Happy New Year.

The Truth Is In The Dirt


I’ve been really inspired by angels lately and antique paintings so I wanted to emulate that in this image. I wanted my character to be unidentifiable but there to be an elegance to her to I used an image that had softness in posing and with soft fabrics.

I really like how the textures create a background that emulates that of antique studio photography and the lighting while dark makes my character the focal point in this image. I love the vulnerability that she has and sadness about her, which I feel could be interpreted in different ways. But I’ll leave that up to you.

If your interested in seeing how I created this image please view the video below or check out my Youtube Channel to see more.


Creative Review – Wreck This Journal

I’ve been a fan of Keri Smith‘s books for some time and I’ve managed to get quite a collection over the last couple of years. I thought it would be fun to do a review for each one I’ve collected and included some of my favourite pages from each.

Wreck This Journal was my first and favourite from Keri Smith, the concept and prompts in this book make a fun and individual journey. Since starting this book a couple of years ago I have noticed there are two ways to take the prompts, you can be more literal and simply wreck this journal or use the prompts as inspiration and use the book in a more artistic way as an art journal.

I have done the latter and use this journal in a more artistic way, taking the prompts as inspiration to create art or collect things.

My favourite medium is sharpies and alcohol markers, I like how they bleed through creating a more artistic way to wreck this journal. I like to take pictures of each page I create so that I have a reference of the page in case it gets wrecked later on. And also so that I can share it online. One of my favourite pages has been shared on Pinterest over 300 times.


This page has been shared on Pinterest over 300 times and is one of my favourite pages in my wreck this journal

I recently travelled and this was the one thing I took with me, not only because it’s my favourite but because I love using books like this to relax but also keep my creative juices flowing.

I love this book so much that I purchased the mini version called ‘Wreck this journal everywhere‘ which also has additional prompts.

The possibilities are endless with these journals and that’s what I love about them, and probably why I have managed to get quite a collection of these types of books. Check out my favourites post If your interested in collecting similar books to ‘Wreck this Journal‘, it includes some from Keri Smith and other authors.


I love finding inspiration from other artist journals by simply searching Instagram or Pinterest you’ll find many people posting and sharing their own interpretations. I love that this journal is about individuality and self-expression, I think that’s what draws me to these types of books.

Have you ever attempted to ‘Wreck this journal’ or something similar? I would love to your pages or know your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below.



If These Wings Could Fly


I was really inspired by traditional paintings or a painterly style for this image, I was really inspired by the style in which old paintings were painted and I really wanted to emulate this in ‘If these wings could fly.’

I am really happy with this piece and the way it came out, I felt that I was able to emulate the style in which I wanted to achieve while adding a contemporary element.

I used mostly my own stock for this image including texture overlays with the exception of the water droplets and the wings. You can find my beach stock images and textures via my textures and stock page.

To see how I created this image please view the video below or check out My Youtube Channel.